Tonfisk is a Finnish design company based in the country’s oldest city, Turku. We specialize in creating original designs in porcelain, hand crafted at our own factory. We also collaborate closely with selected local suppliers.

Famous for our award winning WARM tea & coffee series, we’ve enjoyed worldwide success and considerable recognition as an inventive design brand. Co-founded and run by Irish-born Brian Keaney, we delight the world with our thoughtful and functional designs.


Cookplay is a new-coming Basque tableware company created by the industrial designer Ana Roquero to redefine the modern table offering a more creative and refreshing tableware accommodating the new food's culture sensibility

Yayoi is a dining set that invites you to eat in a healthy and creative way, offering four different shaped porcelain plates designed to create your own table settings for a more personal menu setting.  

Jomon was inspired by nature and going back to our origins with a pure essential form. A set of trays with reliefs where the bowls can rest and offer vaious dining possibilities. It creatively supports the most diverse gastronomy. 

Shell Line with its delicate design is so ergonomic that allows a wide range of uses, whether traditional cuisine or the most modern conceptual presentations. 

The Tablet is a universal set that fits every type of meal worldwilde

"The Tablet is my personal homage to Steve Jobs, a 25 x 20 cm rectangle piece that becomes ductile and sinuous, drawing a landscape of dunes with its three under reliefs where place both the food or the pieces" Ana Roquero

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