Every single creation is a refined thought evolved through the millenia, an highly valuable creative effort.

Ichendorf, the company history began back in the early years of the twentieth century in a small town near Cologne, named Quadrath-Ichendorf.

There, many master-glaziers used a mix of substance, among which was silica, to give shape to objects which met the refined taste of that period.
Precious ornaments had the leading role in various tasteful collection up until 1950.
In those year, a very important change in taste was established: to favor clean shape and purity of material in order to gain a kind of transparency which has no imperfection.

Old form and adornment were abolished, in an endless search for new, popular and no longer exclusive appearances: the creation of modern designed objects began.

In 1990 Ichendorf Style Center moved and settled in Milan, creative point of convergence where artists and designer can guide the gesture of master-glaziers to the creation of light, swift forms, brought to life from a mark on a piece of paper, a creative idea, down to the manipulation of substances by the masters’ blow.
The great idea at the root of the productive philosophy of Ichendorf is the encounter of tradition and innovation, of ancient thecniques and modern lines.

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GUAXS tries develop sculptural objects, that change the atmosphere of a room and
have an effect on the people around them. Guaxs draws inspiration from forms of nature
and cultural artefacts, always influenced by the owners' personal experience gathered on travels,
intuition and close observation. Guaxs objects are made of authentic and sustainable materials, manufactured by hand following practical knowledge and handicraft techniques developed over centuries. Each piece shows the variable traces of human work on its surface, creating interplay between sculptural form and texture. The  design of Guaxs glass objects combines these aspects with a nuanced and strong color impression, leading to a smooth and natural appearance. This allows them to integrate well into any architecture, while remaining something special and magic at the same time.

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Images d'Orient is a contemporary concept paying tribute to the legacy of past civilizations and the Mediterranean heritage ​. They believe in a world where diversity is embraced, where modern is a resonance of ancient.
Today, Images d’ Orient collections are traveling over 50 countries bringing a new trend in the design world with their vintage and futuristic look inspired by the Mediterranean cultural heritage.
People started to identify themselves in their designs and a label with a beautiful soul was created.


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