Joya - The world's softest shoe!

Joya, the softest shoe in the world, provides a unique walking sensation. The difference to other shoes is clear from the very first step. The soft feeling as you walk sets new standards in the comfort shoe sector: the shoe combines modern lines and a comfortable design. Joya has developed various sole technologies to meet different customers' needs.

The advantages of Joya:

  • Ultra-soft to wear and walk in

  • Kind on the joints

  • Promote good health and wellbeing

  • Can relieve foot and back pain

  • Fun to wear and light as air

Joya shoes support the natural way your body moves and encourage you to walk actively. Countless customers attest to the positive effects they have on their body. Here are some of their experiences with Joya.

" What makes these therapeutic Swiss shoes so special is their new sole, constructed according to biomechanical principles to be particularly light and soft. For us it is important that everyone feels comfortable in our Joya shoes from the first step they take"

" The Joya soles simulate a natural, pliable surface, giving the muscles more time to stabilise and protect the joints"

" Joya shoes are especially suited to people suffering from problems with their back, joints or feet (e.g. heel spurs or bunions), overtaxed legs or arthrosis, and meet the approval of medical practitioners"


Tina II White/Silver : 210€


Dynamo SR Black : 190€


Bella Beige : 210€


Laura Grey : 210€


Emma Cream : 199€


Emma Grey : 199€


Electra SR White/Grey : 210€


Mustang II Black : 199€


Paso Fino Black : 199€


Flash SR Black : 210€


David Black : 199€


David Light Brown : 199€


David Navy : 199€


IQ SR Black : 180€


Mustang Coffee II Bean : 199€


Dynamo Classic Light Brown : 210€


Egos are handmade

egos are manufactured in Nepal and are 100% handmade.
The raw wool is dyed with environmentally friendly colors. Then the wool is mapped, and the work on the shape of the shoe can begin.
The carded wool is formed. Seawater masks into the wool, causing the small fibers in the wool to cling.
The wet felt shoe is then dried under the sun. Then add another insole of felt so the shoe becomes extra comfortable and comfortable.
The outer suede of suede is finally sewn.

To make an ego’s slippers takes time and requires skills. One worker can produce 2 pairs of shoes a day.

ego shoes are designed in Denmark, and made in Nepal. Egos is certified by The World Fair Trade Organization.

Ego’s slippers are inspired by classic Danish design traditions, with simplicity and functionality being the key words.
Ego’s slippers are individual, functional and comfortable.