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LADENAC MILANO is luxury, in a word. That luxury with character. Sober, discreet, elegant, sophisticated, a smell that is truly enjoyed, that makes you feel good with small details and without overloading the senses.

It is born from the need to narrate a voyage through a sensory journey where the aromas, fragrances and characteristic materials of the Italian lands are exalted.

It is the story of a man who boldly leaves his lands to pursue a dream, a lifestyle.

Origami Collection

Collection of luxury scented candles, with aromas that fluctuate between classic citrus notes and modern fragrances with an oriental touch. They have a Japanese design in white, inspired by Origami, handmade ceramic production.

Royale Collection

Luxury candles with an exquisite design. Its handmade porcelain manufacture gives a unique touch to each of them, providing not only an elegant aroma, but also an interior

Minimal Collection

Urban Senses Collection


Ortigia is a small Italian soap and scent company founded in Sicily in 2006 by  Sue Townsend.  The luxurious range of soaps, scents, creams, candles and lotions are formulated using natural products indigenous to Sicily and inspired by the aesthetics, colours and scents of Italy’s most historic and tropical region.


The perfumes are distilled from the flowers of Sicily by master perfumer, Lorenzo Villoresi.  The base of all the products is natural perfume and natural ingredients: olive oil, vegetable glycerine, and organic colours. Paraben-free,the range uses traditional products with modern ethics and integrity.


All Ortigia products are made by small family companies who pride themselves on the quality of their products. The highly decorative packaging is designed by Sue Townsend and draws on exotic Sicilian images and colours.

The name Ortigia comes from the small island that lies at the edge of the ancient fortified city of Siracusa, on Sicily’s southeastern coast. 

Collection of aromatic candles and diffusers with fragrances inspired by cities from various corners of the world. From East to West, with elegant aromas based on big

Inspired by the Italian lands, this collection of luxury candles created by the French perfumer Emmanual Philip has natural fragrances.

Perfume is the luxury product par excellence. Engraved in our hearts, a perfume is timeless, prestigious, inviting us to travel through its subtle notes, the bouquet of scents chosen with immense care.

As an interior designer, John-Paul Welton has developed a range of scents to add that special touch to the decor. He uses the arts of perfumery for the home. Fascinated by the world of perfume, he selects each particular fragrance in Grasse - French Riviera, city chosen for its worldwide reputation in perfumery.

WELTON LONDON fragrance collections are available in Scented Candles and Home Fragrance Diffusers. With their contemporary, elegant designs and excellent diffusing power, they are popular with customers who demand top quality and service.

The "Private Label" department is dedicated to the creation of bespoke perfumes for your brands, a high-quality service that is greatly valued by our customers.

Let yourself be submerged in a wave of harmony and well-being signed WELTON LONDON.

Happy Friday aims to make your home a warm and a welcoming space! Our candle collections provide quality, comfort and style that create an environment that lifts up your spirit.
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